Organization Type: Education & Schools
Address: 203 Packham Ave, Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 4K5
Contact: Lauren Wakelam

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Frontier College is a national, non-profit literacy organization that was founded in 1899. We work with children, teens, adults, and families who need help to improve their literacy skills. We work with a variety of partner organizations to deliver volunteer-run, community-based programs across Canada.

We believe literacy is a right, and work with volunteers and community partners to give people the skills and confidence they need to reach their potential and contribute to society.

Our Saskatoon, Canada office is currently looking for energetic, fun, and dynamic individuals with people-oriented skills to volunteer in the programs we offer online/virtually to children and youth.

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203 Packham Ave, Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 4K5

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