About Us

Volunteer Saskatoon strives to make Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a better place by helping nonprofit organizations build stronger relationships with individuals in their community.

Our Objectives

At Volunteer Saskatoon, we take pride in:

  • linking people with local community organizations;
  • supporting persons with disabilities, new Canadians, corporations and professionals connect to organizations in and around the city;
  • encouraging youth to get involved;
  • helping individuals develop skills to advance their careers;
  • developing knowledge resources that support effective and efficient volunteer capacity; and
  • making Saskatoon a better place.

How Does It Work?

It is really quite simple! Nonprofit organizations in Saskatoon post their volunteer opportunities and positions, and individuals (e.g., youth, seniors, persons with disabilities) browse and choose what opportunities interest them. We here at Volunteer Saskatoon are just in the middle, trying to streamline the matching process. Apart from the initial registration and posting of opportunities, you will not have to contact us at all (unless of course you want to)! Individuals interested in volunteering will be able to contact nonprofit organizations directly through email.


Promoting the efforts of nonprofit organizations and available volunteer opportunities is an important job. We will, when time permits, promote both our website, participating nonprofit organizations and individual volunteer opportunities.


You may have noticed that we have advertisements on several of our pages. The pittance we generate from these ads will be used to cover costs associated with domain registration, web hosting, etc. As our community continues to grow, we will rely on this revenue to ensure that we secure the necessary resources to scale appropriately!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to get in touch, just head on over to our Contact Us page!