Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: 2310 Louise Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J2C7
Contact: Jennifer Smith
Phone: 3063857214

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SaskAbilities is a registered charity and operates under the authority of the Non-profit Corporations Act, 1995, of Saskatchewan. We are dedicated to providing programs and services to people experiencing disability in Saskatchewan.

In 1950, families of children with cerebral palsy believed there could be better education, treatment and services for their children and others like them; they did something about it and started the Saskatchewan Council for Crippled Children. Within a year, the Council found itself providing services to both children and adults disabled by the effects of polio. To reflect this expansion of services, the name was changed to Saskatchewan Council for Crippled Children and Adults.

In 1984, a desire to emphasize abilities rather than disabilities led to a second name change for the agency. It became the Saskatchewan Abilities Council Inc.

In 2010, the Saskatchewan Abilities Council celebrated 60 years of success in delivering recreational, rehabilitation and vocational programs to people with disabilities throughout the province.

Now in 2017, to reflect our organization’s progress and evolution, we introduced a third name change: SaskAbilities, a more modern, streamlined version of our name that still maintains a respectful nod to our history and roots in the community.

We have branches located in Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current and Yorkton, with five Partners in Employment offices located in Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current and Yorkton. Each branch location offers a Special Needs Equipment depot, with an additional depot in Prince Albert. Manitou Beach is home to Camp Easter Seal, and Provincial Services resides in Saskatoon.

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2310 Louise Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J2C7

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