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Organization Type: Social & Community Services
Address: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Contact: Kristal Hoff
Website: https://www.handsatwork.org/sons-daughters-sk

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Mission: The church in Saskatoon caring together for families in the child welfare system and improving the lives and outcomes of them by building resilience in the continuum of families responsible for their care.

Each day more innocent children enter the Saskatoon child welfare system, facing trauma that could destroy their futures if they do not receive the intervention and healing support that they  need. Children in our child welfare system suffer higher rates of crippling PTSD than our soldiers  returning from war. These children urgently need a stable family environment where they can  belong, build relationships, and learn to both give and receive love in order to develop and  grow.

Thankfully, some Saskatoon families are responding. Foster families and Kinship (those led by  grandparents, aunties, etc) families are opening their homes to welcome in children. And a  great number of birth moms and dads are working hard to reunify with children previously  apprehended into child welfare and to restore their family environment. These families are living pictures of grace and reconciliation in our midst. But their path is also filled with challenges, and many are walking it alone.

Sons & Daughters mobilizes men, women and families within the body of Saskatoon churches to build supportive relationships with families caring for children in the Saskatoon child welfare  system. This includes foster, kinship and birth families.

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