STEMnosis (Social Media Manager)

Organization Name: STEMnosis
Opportunity Title: Social Media Manager
Category: Communications / Marketing / Media
Commitment: Less than 6 months
Start Date: July 4, 2024
End Date: July 4, 2099

  • Appropriate for youth (i.e., less than 18)
  • Appropriate for volunteers aged between 18 and 55
  • Appropriate for volunteers aged 55 and over
Opportunity Description:

The Social Media Manager will be in charge of posting weekly on STEMnosis’ social medias (TikTok, Instagram), following our brand identity and targeted towards our prime audience: highschoolers interested in research, neuroscience and public health. They will need to understand current trends in social media, and have content creation skills. They will post promotional material about the free neuroscience and public health course we have created that teaches the basis of research. Link to application:

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